Established in 1910, The National Urban League, which has played so pivotal a role in the 20th-‎Century Freedom Movement, grew out of that spontaneous grassroots movement for freedom and ‎opportunity that came to be called the Black Migrations. It is the oldest and largest community-based ‎organization of its kind in the nation. ‎

The Birmingham Urban League was established in 1967 at a time of civil unrest with the aim of ‎encouraging, assisting and engaging in activities that would lead toward the improvement of ‎conditions among underprivileged persons and families in metropolitan Birmingham. ‎

The League sought to discover and address unmet needs in education, employment, housing and ‎health care and to develop and implement programs to meet these needs. The organization also ‎sought to promote the improvement of interracial understanding and cooperation and to employ the ‎techniques of effective community organization in the discovery, the correction and prevention of ‎conditions out of which racial tension, poverty and disorder arise. ‎

In 1999 the National Urban League Young Professionals (NULYP) was established as several Urban ‎League affiliates recognized the need to prepare the new generation to assume leadership of the civil ‎rights movement. The Birmingham Urban League established the Birmingham Urban League Young ‎Professionals (BULYP) auxiliary in 2005. ‎

The Young Professionals actively support the Urban League by recruiting new members and educating ‎them about the movement; engaging their membership in volunteer activities like youth mentoring ‎and tutorial programs; coordinating fund-raisers; and delivering personal and professional ‎development and networking opportunities to young professionals in the local communities.‎

The NULYP and the BULYP today are a constantly evolving movement. We stand at the crossroads of ‎change, beneficiaries of centuries of struggle, a generation of young adults who are more privileged ‎than any before our time. Our vision for the future is powerful; our commitment to community is ‎unwavering. ‎

The diversity, breadth and depth of our skills, talents and abilities makes us uniquely qualified to craft ‎a new vision of the civil rights movement for our generation. We are equipped, we are committed, ‎we are passionate. In communities across our nation, members of the Urban League's Young ‎Professionals are Empowering Communities and Changing Lives. Be a part of the change. Join us to ‎create a better future!‎